Xl Power Edge


What is the Xl Power Edge……

This pattern was first started back in mid 2019 when Aidan Mansfield asked me to tweak the very popular pig it was a straight out no!! But I was interested and could see the need for a commercial available carp edge float that is designed for big carp big baits and a big chunk of Strength.

This float is about as one tracked minded as you could get perfect for depths 2ft to 6ft in margins and top kit. The 2.5mm ViZi Tip is super bright and holds well against the big baits that you can use in this type of fishing. Perfect for big blown 8mm pellets or big bunches of maggots and the good old octopus ( two big worm cut in half ).

It’s available in two sizes 0.4g & 0.55g or 6×8 and 8×8 Number 8 shots!! Mega simple shotting to once again help with large size diameter lines you will use for this method in the summer hauling season!!

Ideal baits:

▪️ Blown Pellets

▪️ Meat

▪️ Corn

▪️ Bunch of maggots

▪️ Worms

The Tech:


▪️Tough Ink Finish

▪️2.5mm  hollow ultra viz tips

▪️ 1.0mm  white glass stem

▪️ Hybrid Power Eyes

ViZi Tip Colour

Black, Red, Yellow


0.4g, 0.55g