Margin Pig


The Uks Number One Selling Margin Float!!!!!!!
The Pig needs very little introduction but those that have not used one a little information. I first made a pig way back in 2009 when I could not find what I wanted on the market, over the years not much as changed on this float apart from the eye. The original eye was standard for then twisted eye strong for time but weak for todays standards, I then moved onto the tip side eye which I have never been a fan off but back then it was the strongest by far!!!! Which moves us onto present day and DS POLE FLOATS made in house “HYBRID POWER EYE” which in our option is the strongest eye on the market to date.
This float is suited and designed to be fished in marginal water from 16″ to 36″ or for you continental anglers 30cm to 100cm. The 2.5mm hollow tips offer’s more stable float and is much better suited for bigger baits, like meat corn worms bunch dead maggots large pellets. This float is now available and comes in 0.2g 0.3g  0.4g
Over the years this float as accounted for multiple match wins & thousands of pounds of carp in the net and is being used by some of the country’s and worlds very best anglers.
Ideal baits:

The Technology 

▪️ IGF110 

▪️ 1.0mm glass fibre stems 

▪️ 2.5mm ViZi Tips 

▪️ Hybrid Power Eyes 

▪️ Tough Ink Finish 


Please note that ALL DS POLE FLOATS are tested using our very own shots




▪️size 8 0.06g

▪️size 9 0.05g

▪️size 10 0.04g

▪️size 11 0.03g

▪️size 12 0.02g

Micro Soft Shot

▪️size 8 0.07g

▪️size 9 0.055g

▪️size 10 0.04g

▪️size 11 0.03g

▪️size 12 0.02g


0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g

ViZi Tip Colour

Black, Red, Yellow