Power Paste


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The POWER PASTE is a purposely built paste float for for commercial carp fishing. There is three size opitions with in the range and will cover all the situations you may be faced with on any given peg.
They are sized as grams 0.3g 0.4g 0.5g shotting capacity. We recommend that you UNDER SHOT a paste float. Because of the extra length tips lift bites are very common factor and easily seen. And when that sloppy ball of paste is no longer attached you need to no.

This is the smallest in the range measuring in at a tidy 150mm ( 6 inchs ).  this float is best suited to be fished in water depths from 3ft to 4ft  in good conditions.
This model comes in at a 160mm ( 6.2 inchs ) this is the most versatile float in the range suitable for depths from 3ft ( 100cm ) to 8ft (245cm )
 The largest size in the range at 185mm ( 7.3 inchs ) this float will stand upto most weather conditions. Best suited to depths from 3ft+ (100cm) to 12ft (365cm).this float is perfect for deep venues such as larford lakes, hayfield.
So as you can see these three sizes really do and cover most situations you find yourself in. And remember they have been made using the very finest & strongest materials on the market from around world. They all so incorporate the unique  “HYBRID POWER EYE these are made exclusively in house and are the best and strongest eye’s on
the market to date fact.

The Technology 

▪️ IGF110 

▪️ 1.0mm glass fibre stems 

▪️2mm  ViZi Tips 

▪️ Hybrid Power Eyes 

▪️ Tough Ink Finish 

Please note that ALL DS POLE FLOATS are tested using our very own shots




▪️size 8 0.06g

▪️size 9 0.05g

▪️size 10 0.04g

▪️size 11 0.03g

▪️size 12 0.02g

Micro Soft Shot

▪️size 8 0.07g

▪️size 9 0.055g

▪️size 10 0.04g

▪️size 11 0.03g

▪️size 12 0.02g


0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g

ViZi Tip Colour

Black, Red, Yellow