Xl Wire Slim


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The latest in the xl slim family……. The long awaited Xl Wire Slim

Once again fully designed by the Matrix & Dynamite Baits backed angler Aidan Mansfeilds, tested over a two year period. This float has already proven itself and been used to produce excellent  results already.

The Xl Wire Slim is very versatile float for open water and canal style commercials. Perfect for venues like tunnel barn Lindholme  partdrige Westwood and many more. Because of the materials the float is made from, the super strong IGF110 foam the eye hold is extremely strong. Even for the smallest float in the range the 0.15g,  in testing this eye & foam combination has lifted 7kg groundbait direct from the eye with zero damage. This makes the hybrid power eyes the strongest eye on the market that is a FACT. There is video on DS POLE FLOATS facebook page showing just that…..

And the float its self we wanted to main that ultra is balance to pick up shy F1 bites, but because of the materials used will take the pressure of big angry carp with no stress at all on the float. The 1.7mm ultra bright hollow tips allows you to shot it to a pimple. The 0.6mm high grade stainless steel is perfect for Stability, and gives you the ultimate presentation regardless of the conditions! It has fast set tips which allows the float to start fishing Instantly. This float is one that all anglers should have set up it will give you that extra Percentage over your competitors. For a excellent example of the pattern check out the Partridge lakes video we had all four seasons in one day! The conditions were perfect to show not only the stability but also the natural presentation that all the xl slim family have.

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The Technology

▪️ IGF110

▪️ 0.6mm stainless steel

▪️ 1.7mm ViZi Tips

▪️ Hybrid Power Eyes

▪️ Tough Ink Finish


0.15g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g, 0.6g

ViZi Tip Colour

Black, Red, Yellow