Stealth Mugging Waggler


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The stealth waggler has been designed for the modern and ever evolving commercial fisheries. The pellet waggler has accounted for 1000s of match wins over years.But like every method the thinking angler is always looking for that edge!!  Well we believe we can offer you just that in this little powerful rocket design.

They come in three sizes 2.5g 2g & 1.2g. This can cover any range from 16m to 30m.

When we set about designing this product we looked at all the commonly used brands, pulled a few ideas, and set about tweaking and developing the Stealth Wags!!!

Firstly we wanted a ready to go float connection, but wanted to stay away from the traditional moulded weight connection blocks. We have opted for a split shot connection, thus utilising the option to cast from the heaviest point. Some of the  advantages of this is less air resistance which will put more yards on your cast. But in our mind the real key to this is its ability to pivot during the cast and more importantly its ability to do the same on impact with water. This creates two key features the first is the plop or lack of it “stealth“ and second is the ability to be fishing instantly with very little diving.

We also wanted a much more compact design than a traditional pellet waggler, we made the stealth wags with super buoyant  and extremely tough IGF110 foam. They feature the same “ Tough Ink Finish “ as all our products.



1.2g, 2.5g, 2g

ViZi Tip Colour

Black, Red, Yellow