Carp Slappers


Designed in Conjunction with Aidan Mansfield, we wanted a purposely designed float for big carp big baits and big weights!!!

With the trend of slapping 8mm oiled up coppins pellets we wanted something that will not only hold them up positively but also offer brilliant strength and robustness for this demanding method.

We settled on a tested program that we use for the F1 shalla as we know the pattern is well tested and perfect for the job. However due to the larger materials we tweaked the sizing allow for the extra load.

There are 3 sizes in the range 0.1g 0.2g & 0.3g which all take the shotting capacity but still holding up the larger hook baits.

This float features a 3mm short hollow tip big some would think… but on larger open water venues when conditions can get in the way. You need to be positive that your striking at bites and not liners or ripples, fouled up fish really can mess up your peg.

The Tech:
▪️Hybrid Power Eyes
▪️Tough Ink Finish
▪️3.0mm ViZi Tips

Ideal Baits:
▪️8mm Coppins Pellets


0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g

ViZi Tip Colour

Black, Red, Yellow