Slotters Shots


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These are larger pot sizes than similar products on the market like stotz & cubes

These are made from pure lead and Produced for Ds Float’s by worlds leading manufacture. Because of this we ensure consistent quality with slotters being evenly cut so they sit neatly on the line enabling perfect presentation. The shot can be placed onto the line and be easily moved without worry of damaging or weakening the line. The packaging sits neatly in a tackle box and features a clip open lid attached to the main tub.

▪️ Extra soft split shot

▪️Pure lead

▪️Perfectly cut  

▪️Line friendly  

The shape makes these very durable, in fact they rarely ‘ping’ off the line at all! Super soft and line-friendly, there are a wide mixture of sizes.

Can even be placed onto the thickest of lines and they can be moved easily without damage.

size 1 0.29g ( European use only )

size 4 0.20g ( European use only ) 

size 6 0.10g  ( European use only )

size 8 0.06g

size 9 0.05g

size 10 0.04g

size 11 0.03g

size 12 0.02g

size 13 0.01g

Buying options 

▪️ Clip pot dispenser 

▪️ Prep pots

▪️ Refill bags 


N° 1, N° 4, N°10 0.04g, N°11 0.03g, N°12 0.02g, N°6 0.10g, N°8 0.06g, N°9 0.05g, No13 0.01g


150g refill bag, 50g mini refill bag, Clip pot