Ballabeni Split Shot 80g tubs


Ballabeni Split Shot is widely recognised as some of the best split shot money can buy. Imported from Italy, every shot is perfectly round and centrally cut. Even in the smaller sizes this shot can be used on lines up to 0.20 and will not move on the line under fish playing action. But when applied right ( we recommend small modelling plilers ) to give a even pressure, this shot will glide on your line with gentle force! Fast becoming a favourite among commercial anglers and natural water alike!

▪️ Evenly cut perfectly round

▪️ Uniform in size and weight

▪️ Centrally cut

Available sizes: ( please note any size above number 8s  is only sold on the understanding that is for European  use only due to lead laws )

10/0 (2.82g)

7/0 (1.385g)

5/0 (0.705g)

2/0 (0.0394g)

1 (0.0288g)

4 (0.0162g)

5 (0.0132g)

6 (0.0102g)

8 (0.0070g)

9 (0.0060g)

10 (0.0040g)

11 (0.028g)

12 (0.019g)


N° 10, N° 11, N° 2, N° 3, N° 5, N° 6, N° 7, N° 8, N° 9, N°12, N°4