Hybrid Dobber


Dobbing can be one of the best ways to catch fish in the depths of winter. Be it in the early stages of a match or those red letter days.

The hybrid dobber  has  been purposely designed for the task in hand. They have a light carbon stem which gives ultimate presentation when  fishing through the water is needed. They are mega stable once the bait has settled in the suspended depth required due to the 0.7mm Carbon stem. The 1.5mm hollow ViZi tips can been seen in even the worse light conditions fitted with the faithful hybrid eye that won’t let you down.

Sizing wise there is only one size 0.15 which is perfect for fishing in depths between 1ft to 4ft, the 4 number 10 shots offer a number of shotting patterns to.

Ideal baits
Corn skins

The Technology 

▪️ IGF110 

▪️ 0.7mm carbon Stem 

▪️ 1.5mm ViZi Tips 

▪️ Hybrid Power Eyes 

▪️ Tough Ink Finish 

Weight 0.0178 g


ViZi Tip Colour

Black, Red, Yellow