3 & 4 October 2020

Angler: Aidan Mansfeild

venues: Hillview & Packington

Well that was a wet and windy weekend of fishing!
Saturday I ventured back down the m5 to tewkesbury for the open at hilliview the match split between heron and moorhen I drew peg 15 on moorhen, took me forever to set up and had a terrible first hour whilst Daniel Eaton was catching one a chuck on the next peg!
Eventually I’ve engaged my brain and had a lovely days fishing catching Chucky f1s swapping between a short and long maggot shallow line. Catching really well in spells to end up with 61 f1s and 2carp for 196lb which was enough to win the match.
Best rig was a .1 D.S wire dibber set 20 inch deep .18 to a .12, 18 Mxc-1 with red slik in a short kit.

Today I’ve been to packington Somers for the open on sibs a and b drew peg 21 on a set up a couple maggots/milled rigs cover my bases.
Been a hard days with bites at a premium I’ve caught a few in 2ft of water across and 3ft down the edge and caught 3 late on out my hand all on maggots. I’ve ended up with 4 carp and 8f1s for 43.12lb which was 2nd on the lake and 4th in the match. Well done to Kevin Folwell on the win off peg 3 on sibs b with 67lb.

Best rig today was a D.S .1 xl Carbon in 2ft of water .18 to a .12 18 MXC-1 with red slik in a short kit tapping in milled expander and fishing double maggot over the top.

Maggots have been massive again from the Tackle Shack Nuneaton ?


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