Non Toxic Split Shot


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Non toxic split shot 15g tubs this is twice has much shot per tub compared to other manufacturers. Made from a non toxic material and  safe to use world wide.

Uk manufacturing ensures perfect centrally cut shot every time, and also ensures very good Quality control!

Sizes available:

N°6 – 0.1g

N°4 – 0.2g

N°1 – 0.3g

BB – 0.4g

AB – 0.6g

AAA – 0.8g

SSG – 1.6g

2 SSG – 3.2g

3 SSG – 4.6g


1 SSG 1.6g, 2 SSG 3.2g, 3 SSG 4.6g, AAA 0.8g, AB 0.6g, BB 0.4g, N°1 0.3g, N°4 0.2g, N°6 0.1g